Found 10 resources with the tag "waste".

Example: Guidelines for Events

Hebrew Institute of Riverdale (the “Bayit”) created these “Guidelines for Events Held at the Bayit”. It includes a clear mission statement indicating environmental protection as a priority, and include the Hazon Seal logo (available for download here). The guidelines encourage members to minimize waste and includes instructions regarding collection and separation of waste at Bayit events. […]

How to Recycle Anything

This comprehensive list provides a guide of how to recycle hundreds of products. Access this resource here.

Green Simcha Guides

Planning sustainable simchas and holiday celebrations is an essential part of greening your community. These useful guides provide important information for making your next bar mitzvah, wedding, holiday celebration, and more as green as possible. Jews United for Justice Green and Just Celebration Guide offers specific suggestions for being mindful of workers’ rights and environmental […]

Repair Cafe

Find or start a Repair Cafe, where people can help each other fix items they would have discarded.

Neshamah Project

Start a Gemach, which is a lending library where people can share items they don’t necessarily need to own, like power tools and party supplies.

Story of Stuff

Videos and educational resources about consumerism that explore how our everyday choices are connected to global environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Bash the Trash

A fun troupe of musicians that offers workshops about how to make musical instruments out of waste materials.

Big Reuse

Donate old or unused building materials to Big Reuse; pick up the items you still need from their extensive collections.

Food: Too Good to Waste

Take a look at the Environmental Protection Agency’s free guide and toolkit for reducing household food waste. Access this resource here.

GrowNYC: Stop & Swap

Stop & Swap’s intention is for community members to reduce waste by exchanging “clean, reusable, portable items such as clothing, house wares, games, books, & toys that you no longer need,” at no cost.