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Setting a Conscious Table – four questions to help you prepare a Passover Seder

As you prepare for the Passover seder this year, consider using these four questions to help inform your own conscious food choices, and to enhance your discussions with family and friends during the holiday. PDF here.

Ecologically Rooted Passover Haggadah

  From our friend Rabbi Ellen Bernstein:   New release: An ecologically rooted Passover haggadah, The Promise of the Land.     I’m happy to announce the release of my new ecologically rooted haggadah, The Promise of the Land.  The Promise of the Land understands that the freedom we celebrate on Passover depends on the earth’s […]

Heschel-Inspired Pesach Haggadah Supplement

This Haggadah supplement was put together by the Heschel Center for Sustainability. It has many stories and text studies that connect the Passover story to sustainability and the environment. It explores our connection to the environment, the place Passover has in a modern world, and the social contexts of slavery.

Temple Isaiah Social Action Seder

Here, access Temple Isaiah of Stony Brook New York’s 2009 Passover Seder Hagaddah, entitled “Food as a Tool for Social Justice: Creating a healthier, more sustainable community and world”, as well as their “Cliff Notes” guide to leading a service using this Hagaddah. Click here to access the Hagaddah. Click here to access the Leader’s […]

Shmita with Acorns

This program can be incorporated into holiday programs for a harvest holiday (Sukkot, Passover, or Shavuot) especially during a Shmita year. It provides an interactive introduction to Shmita, including the basis of Shmita in Jewish text and the connection between Shmita and sustainable agriculture. It was designed by Rachel Aronson as part of the JOFEE […]

A JOFEE Passover

The Passover story is deeply multivalent: it has been interpreted and re-interpreted by Jews for thousands of years, remaining pertinent despite the changing realities of those who celebrate it. Here are four curricula for the days leading up to Passover (and one for the holiday itself), which give an ecological spin to the story in distinct […]

Hazon Holiday Resources

Guides to making each of the key moments of the Jewish calendar as sustainable as possible.

Earth Justice Haggadah

This Haggadah focuses on the frame of climate change and the celebration of our earth, as it relates to the agricultural celebration of Pesach.