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TEVA Bingo

Originally made for TEVA’s four day intensive outdoor learning experience, it can be adapted to any outdoor educational hike. This is a tool to help introduce the outdoor experience, allowing the participants to get excited for what’s to come, to be more engaged during the field trip, and to connect to nature in their own […]

JOFEE Gardening Activities

Here are some ideas for different activities to introduce children to gardening through a Jewish lens. These resources were prepared as part of the JOFEE Fellowship. “Farmer Michael’s Wagon Garden” is a 4 week curriculum created by Michael Fraade for 2-4 year olds.¬†Children plant seeds in a soil-filled wagon and watch them grow over the […]

JFS – Introduction to Jewish Environmentalism

The following give a background to Jewish environmentalism and information on Jewish sustainable agriculture.

Kayam at Pearlstone Complete Curricula and Resources

Complete curricula and resources on Jewish gardening education.

Case Study: Environmental Education

See how another Jewish institution created an environmental education program, and use their strategies as inspiration for your own institution!