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Pickling Activities

Pickling is easy, fun, highly adaptable, and deeply connected to Jewish history and tradition. Here are two different ideas for a pickling curriculum, prepared as part of the JOFEE Fellowship: In Nicole Cruz’s workshop “Pickling for Families”, explore new ways to preserve and eat seasonal food with your children, learn about the history of pickling […]

Preschool Bee Activity

Using Rosh Hashanah as a springboard, preschool children will learn about bees and how they make honey. They will participate in a hide and seek type game before a wrap up discussion and honey taste test. This activity was created by Josh Kleymeyer as part of the JOFEE Fellowship. Access this resource here.

Shmita and Foraged Foods

This program is a unique, interactive activity for a festival-style event that combines knowledge of local wild edible plants and the Jewish tradition of Shmita. For this program, the educator creates four unique “trading cards” to pass out at the event, and two examples of local, foraged food. The trading cards serve as a way […]

Sukkot and Cover Cropping

This two part program will emphasizes the Jewish year as a cycle by highlighting Sukkot as a time of merging the gifts of the previous year with the new year. The first part is an experiential cover crop and garlic planting lesson, while the second part emphasizes family life. Families will connect to Sukkot, beyond […]

Jewish Rainmakers and Tashlich

This Rosh Hashanah we will connect ecology with the ritual of tashlich. Connections will be made between our observations to Jewish text about the cycle of rain as a reflection of our relationship with God. This lesson plan is geared towards adults. This lesson plan was created by Jess Berlin as part of the JOFEE […]

JOFEE Gardening Activities

Here are some ideas for different activities to introduce children to gardening through a Jewish lens. These resources were prepared as part of the JOFEE Fellowship. “Farmer Michael’s Wagon Garden” is a 4 week curriculum created by Michael Fraade for 2-4 year olds. Children plant seeds in a soil-filled wagon and watch them grow over the […]

Field to feast: Tiny pizzas with a whole lot of taste.

A farm-to-table lesson for 6-11 year olds. This program was created by Mira Menyuk as part of the JOFEE Fellowship. Access this resource here.

Let’s Go Solar

This website offers an interactive consumer guide to purchasing solar.

Greening Synagogues: Lessons from the Jewish Greening Fellowship

Greening your congregation is about finding new ways to put your Jewish values into action every day. Greening Synagogues: Lessons from the Jewish Greening Fellowship, the twelfth volume in SYNERGY’s Innovations and Strategies for Synagogues of Tomorrow series offers practical wisdom for greening synagogues from those who participated in the Fellowship.

Green America Green Pages

National Green Pages Search tool to find green products, services, and companies. All businesses are certified by Green American for their social and environmental impacts.

Green Simcha Guides

Planning sustainable simchas and holiday celebrations is an essential part of greening your community. These useful guides provide important information for making your next bar mitzvah, wedding, holiday celebration, and more as green as possible. Jews United for Justice Green and Just Celebration Guide offers specific suggestions for being mindful of workers’ rights and environmental […]

Trees and Permaculture in Jewish Tradition

Source texts about trees and permaculture within Jewish tradition and history.