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Hazon Seal Webinar: Installing and Financing Solar

Presentation by Jason Loyet ( from Solar Site Design (, providing an overview of the company and their product.

Hazon Seal Webinar: PR for Sustainability (Dec 2017)

1. A Potato Menora! 2. Jeremy Kranowitz, Managing Director for Sustainability at Hazon ( sharing from his previous experience on minimizing food waste (a large scale NASCAR event, large law firms). 3. PR and sustainability stories

Hazon Seal Webinar: Orientation Fall 2017

Welcoming the new Hazon Seal sites to the program, overview of the process and the framework. Agenda 1. Why Sustainability? Why now? 2. Hazon Seal process 3. Audits tutorial 4. Available resources 5. Building a green team 6. Q & A

Hazon Seal Webinar: Writing a Food Policy

With Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA) – Our friends at the Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA) are a powerful resource for you to learn about and transition towards a more conscious, compassionate and sustainable consumption of food. Since the Hazon Seal started, Jewish Initiative for Animals has partnered with the program by co-creating the […]

Hazon Seal Webinar: Marketing sustainability (Oct. 2016)

Hazon Seal Webinar: #3, 11.17.16 Agenda: 1. Advocacy 2. Looking Ahead – Renewal 3. Marketing Sustainability, JR Rich 4. Sharing marketing successes 5. Small group planning

Hazon Seal of Sustainability in Action

Featuring the green teams at Hanna Senesh Community Day School ( and B’nai Jeshurun synagogue ( Video produced by Jon Leiner

Hazon Seal Webinar: Environmental context and program orientation (July 2016)

Pilot program with Hazon Seal captain Hody Nemes and Advisory Board chair Jessica Heller, 6.15.16

Hazon Seal Webinar: Orientation Spring 2017

March 29, 2017 Agenda: 1. Climate Reality presentation 2. Hazon Seal process 3. Audit tutorials 4. Choosing three projects 5. Meet the Seal cohort 6. Q&A

Hazon Seal Webinar: Overcoming organizational obstacles (July 2017)

Hazon Seal Webinar: 6.13.17 1. Opening: Paris accords, People’s climate march 2. Hazon Seal updates 3. Overcoming organizational obstacles (min 13:00) 4. Breakout groups

Hazon Seal Webinar: 5779 – Living the Change (Oct 2018)

October 9, 2018 Living the Change initiative: How to walk the talk as an individual and as a community, while taking part in an international drive for faith based change. Hazon is the leading Jewish organization representing and pushing for change within this great initiative and we want to make sure we are all aligned […]

Hazon’s NEW Tu B’shvat Haggadah!

Tu B’Shvat is an ancient celebration of the new year for trees. It has changed and evolved over twenty centuries, and has never been more vital or significant than it is today. We live in an era in which sustainable forestry is more widely practiced than ever before, yet deforestation is a powerful driver of climate […]

Technology Recycling Center Map

Technology has become an integral component of our lives – on both an individual and societal level. Gadgets exist to handle so much of our communication and work, from smart phones, to laptops, to iPods and iPads, you name it. We replace our tech-devices as frequently as the latest available upgrade, leaving behind a block […]