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Meatless Monday

Meatless Monday is an international campaign with the goal of reducing our contribution to climate change. It has a simple means and a simple message: “Once a week, cut out meat.”


The Jewish Initiative for Animals provides ways to strengthen the Jewish community while bringing its values of compassion for animals into practice

“A Brief Introduction to Change Management”

Learn how to facilitate transformative change in your institution.

“Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce”

The Environmental Working Group creates a guide to pesticides in produce, coining the phrases “Dirty Dozen” and “Clean Fifteen” for lists of the dirtiest and cleanest fruits and vegetables.

Agricultural Laws Resources

Resources intended to be used when teaching the Jewish biblical agricultural laws.

Alumot Garden Curriculum

The Jewish Farm School created this manual to help educators create gardens within a framework of Jewish texts, holidays and rituals.

Bash the Trash

A fun troupe of musicians that offers workshops about how to make musical instruments out of waste materials.

Beyond Pesticides

Beyond Pesticides works with allies in protecting public health and the environment to lead the transition to a world free of toxic pesticides.

Big Reuse

Donate old or unused building materials to Big Reuse; pick up the items you still need from their extensive collections.

An eggs and meat rating service that helps consumers navigate the food world and find high-welfare products.

CABE Green School Day

A helpful, in-depth guide with over 100 lesson plans for a Green Day at school to teach young children about climate change and the built environment.

Carbon Calculators

Carbon Calculators are a great way to estimate your carbon footprint and then set reduction goals accordingly.