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Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism

The RAC, the Reform movement’s advocacy arm, promotes social justice, including action on climate change.

New York Interfaith Power and Light

A national coalition that provides a religious response to climate change and supports congregations taking action to address global warming.

Sample Board Resolution on Climate Change

Use this sample as a model to your organization. We encourage you to tailor it to your needs add your own language.

Teva in a Box

Teva In a Box brings participants to the intersection of Judaism and sustainability for a small taste of Hazon’s experiential education curriculum.

Sustainability Success Stories

Enjoy these examples of greening completed by other Jewish institutions, and use them for inspiration at your own institutions.

Hazon Holiday Resources

Guides to making each of the key moments of the Jewish calendar as sustainable as possible.

Institutional Greening Checklist

Use this JGF tool to make greening a part of your institution’s regular operations.

Jewish Greening Fellowship

Over seven years, the Jewish Greening Fellowship promoted greening in more than 55 Jewish institutions. As the spiritual predecessor to the Hazon Seal, it provides concrete examples of how people have been making the Jewish community more sustainable. Click on the video to meet Jewish Greening Fellows and learn what your community can gain from greening! For more information about […]

Shabbat Ha’aretz

Rav Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat Ha’Aretz, a book on shmita (Biblical sabbatical year) by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the land of Israel in the 20th century.

Shmita Sourcebook

A 120-page sourcebook that draws on a range of texts from within Jewish tradition and time, tracing the development and evolution of Shmita from biblical, historical, rabbinic, and contemporary perspectives.

Home for Dinner

A middle-school program that uses family dinners as a strategy to reclaim and strengthen Jewish family life.