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Judaism and Spirituality

Learn about various Jewish traditions and their spiritual basis, and how farming and sustainability can be spiritual and religious activities.

JFS – Introduction to Jewish Environmentalism

The following give a background to Jewish environmentalism and information on Jewish sustainable agriculture.

Jewish Farm School Shmita Resources

Complete Jewish Farm School resources dedicated to Shmita.

Jewish Farm School Curriculum Materials

Provided are the curriculum materials produced and used by the Jewish Farm School.

Sustainable Urban Living Resources

Provided are perspectives on urban living through a Jewish lens and includes biblical texts on communal responsibility, urban farming, and moral thoughts regarding where we live, as well as how to start worm composting.

Jewish Farm School Shtetl Skills Workshop Series

The Jewish Farm School led a workshop series dedicated to teaching traditional “shtetl skills,” including learning on shmita, permaculture, and cheese making.

Tu B’Shvat Resources

A basic introduction to Tu Bishvat, a simple accompanying haggadah, and related texts and blessings for observing the holiday and discussion opportunities.

Soil Resources

Resources regarding our relationship with soil in the Jewish tradition, and how to support healthy soils.

Seeds Resources

Background information and history of seeds, as well as how to start saving seeds.

Jewish Farm School Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template by the Jewish Farm School.

Judaism and Sustainability

Provided are the JFS resource Judaism and Sustainability, includng text studies, discussion guides, and facilitator guides on Creation, Mishkan, Shmita, and Yovel.

The Jewish Medicine Wheel

Teaching materials and curriculum design for leading sessions on the Jewish Medicine Wheel.