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SYNERGY Strategies for Maintaining Synagogue Spaces

UJA Federation provides a research report with strategies for synagogue upkeep.


Turning off your car when your aren’t moving is a simple way to save money, save energy, reduce pollution and your carbon emissions.

Save On Energy: Nico the Ninja

A kid’s guide to saving energy, seen through the eyes of Nico the energy-saving ninja.

Jewcology on Waste

Jewcology provides twelve tips for reducing food waste to be used by organizations and individuals.

SIMS Municipal Recycling

SIMS provides curbside recycling services in New York City and multiple types of recycling services around the world.

Repair Cafe

Find or start a Repair Cafe, where people can help each other fix items they would have discarded.

Neshamah Project

Start a Gemach, which is a lending library where people can share items they don’t necessarily need to own, like power tools and party supplies.

Story of Stuff

Videos and educational resources about consumerism that explore how our everyday choices are connected to global environmental, economic, and social challenges.

Holy Use: Relating to Resources Sustainably

Article by Yonatan Neril discusses Jewish texts about reuse and sustainability.

Sustaining our Vision: Jewish Climate Change Campaign

Activities, resources, and Jewish texts on climate change targeted towards teens.

Jewish Environmental Sources Library

Over 400 texts, source sheets, and Divrei Torah (talks and sermons) relating to environmental topics.

Jewish Farm School

The Jewish Farm School offers programs that connect farming and Judaism.