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Write your Food Policy: Examples and More

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We applaud you for taking on this important task to align your food choices with your Jewish values as Shomrei Adamah, keepers of the earth.

Below are resources to help you on your journey. Please email with any questions or suggestions that you may have regarding this material. Have a good example to share? We’d love to add it! 



The following examples are from institutions that are committing to reducing their consumption of animal protein, increase plant-based options, and/or switch to higher-welfare animal protein options. These examples vary widely in their level of commitment, but we bring you a range so that you can learn and get some ideas.

Your food policy can be simple, or can be detailed and robust. At Hazon, we strive for progress, not perfection, and are happy to help you as you craft your own policy. 

  • Hazon Food Policy – Access Hazon’s food policy to see how our organization’s food choices are made. We always strive to improve our work!
  • CU Boulder Hillel’s food policy is an example of a comprehensive document that includes principles and guidelines regarding sourcing and serving of animal products, minimizing packaging and managing food waste
  • Allegheny Hillel’s food policy is an example of a ‘short and sweet’ statement that can go a long way! Congregation Bonai Shalom’s is similarly short, but also addresses local foods and sugary foods
  • Boulder JCC and Temple Beth Hatfiloh:  While these policies are mainly focused on Kashrut, we wanted to show you how you could incorporate ethical eating principles in your general Kashrut policy. We invite you to explore and re-think Kashrut in your organization and make ethical eating (or eco-kashrut) play an even more substantial role, in alignment with your Jewish values.  

Food Conference


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Related Hazon Materials to Support your Efforts:

We encourage you to use these resources for inspiration and guidance in setting your goals as a community. 

  • Hazon Food Choices webpage – We’ve researched the most sustainable, kosher, and ethical choices so that you don’t have to. Let this page inform your ethical eating purchases.
  • Hazon Food Audit and Food Guide ToolKit – This toolkit is filled with ideas, definitions, suggestions and stories to help guide your community to healthier and more sustainable food choices. Check out the associated audit for further guidance on improving your food selections.


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