Technology Recycling Center Map

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Technology has become an integral component of our lives – on both an individual and societal level. Gadgets exist to handle so much of our communication and work, from smart phones, to laptops, to iPods and iPads, you name it. We replace our tech-devices as frequently as the latest available upgrade, leaving behind a block of equipment that quickly becomes obsolete.

And what else is left behind? The number of resources used to produce it, such as metals, plastics, and glass. Recycling these resources and materials helps reduce the greenhouse gas emissions that take place in production for newer items, and in their breakdown once we trash them. While recycling has become more mainstream, electronic waste recycling needs a little more of a push.

Explore this interactive mapping resource to find a technology recycling center closest to you.

Instructions: Type your address, city or zip code to find tech recycling centers nearby. Click to visit the center’s website for more details, like technology accepted and hours of operation.