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Receive 10% Off Your Printing Needs!

We are pleased to offer printing discounts to Hazon Seal sites who order from EcoFriendly Printer (NY based). Greg Barber of EcoFriendly Printer has been working with Hazon for years and researches the most sustainable materials on the market.

All Hazon Seal Sites are receiving 10% off! See below for featured discounts as received from the EcoFriendly Printer. In addition the discounts below, contact Greg Barber for additional discounted items such as sustainable flyers, business cards, newsletters, brochures, greeting cards, postcards, and more. You can contact EcoFriendly for all of your printing needs, just mention Hazon and say that you are a Hazon Seal Site!



Greg Barber: 888-377-5868
6 AM – 10 PM EST


Please note

Sustainability in printing (and sourcing any good, for that matter) should also consider shipment. We encourage you to make an effort to locate a printer near you that uses sustainable practices and materials. It may not be easy but we trust you do the best you can! You only have to do the research once and your business will help make sustainable printing become more accessible. If you find a good one – let us know (email us at and we will add them to our resources. Hey, we may be able to help you get discounts!

And remember: Make sure to always include, on your printed item, info about how your product is sustainable and where it was printed. See for example Hazon’s oval sticker below, indicating the product it 100% recyclable etc, printed by This will both support sustainable printing businesses and also inspire others to print sustainably in your area!


Featured Discounts


Sustainable Labels

100% Recyclable Sustainable Labels

These stickers are made from rocks & minerals, called Terraskin, which replaces plastic-based vinyl stickers. TerraSkin contains 80% calcium carbonate, which is a base mineral and inorganic compound. TerraSkin is water-resistant and very strong.

Price: Custom Sizes. We will quote within 24 hours.



Sustainable printing 2

100% PCW Posters – Replace Foam Core

These posters replace vinyl-based Foam Core and Gator Board Posters. Use primarily for indoor use, placed on easels. Our posters are 100% Post-Consumer Waste Recycled Thick Cover. They are the same thickness as the Foam Core Posters. However, these posters have no plastic and are far more environmental. 

Size: normal size is 24″ x 36″, but like all our products, we make any size.
Price: $45 for 24″x36″



Sustainable Printing 3

Sustainable Pole Pocket Banners

Outdoor Poly Pro Banners. Water-resistant and recyclable. PolyPro uses 30% less ink, is flexible to reduce cracking, very strong, and has two pockets. These banners run in the 66” direction and when hammered into the ground, these Pole Pockets are great for outdoor festivals.

Size: 22”x66”
Price: Depends on the quantity ordered.



Sustainable printing 4

Pull-Up Recyclable Banners

These pull-up banners (Retractable Banners) are printed on our Recyclable Poly Pro Material. They are strong and water-resistant.

Size: 33″x78″
Price: $99 for banner plus $75 for the stand



Sustainable printing 5

Sustainable Recycled FSC Banners with Grommets

We offer 12 PT C/1/S Coated Board for Indoor Banners. Recycled stock that is paper-based, strong and FSC certified. We also offer 9 PT Polypropylene Banners for Outdoor use. Water Resistant, Tear Resistant, and Guaranteed to not discolor for 1 year.

Price: $3.00 per square foot.