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Food / Climate Change and Our Own Life Cycles

In this era of Environmental Teshuva, a timeless Jewish teaching to engage in teshuva “one day before we die” takes on new meaning.

For centuries, Jewish sustainability has included an understanding of Bal Tashkhit (Do Not Destroy) as ongoing education to prevent environmentally destructive funeral choices. How can today’s Jewish communities reclaim this transformative challenge?

Here are two resources about the essential connections between food / climate change and our own life cycles:


Ways of Peace

WAYS OF PEACE offers additional resources and guidance throughout the United States for facilitating Jewish conversations about cremation: Jewish Cremation Dialogues | WAYS OF PEACE

For more information and speaking engagements on these topics, please contact:

Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips, MSW, MPH

Founder and Executive Director, WAYS OF PEACE Community Resources


Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips

Rabbi Regina Sandler-Phillips facilitates transformation at the nexus of spirituality, sustainability, and social justice. As the founding chair of a 70-volunteer sacred burial fellowship, her guidance for end-of-life sustainability has helped to empower caring communities worldwide. Her work has been featured in The New York TimesEarth Island JournalThe ForwardThe Jewish WeekTablet Magazine, and in the books Parting Ways and Saying Goodbye to Someone You Love.

Rabbi Regina is also the editor of Generous Justice, a unique Jewish guide for sustainability and social justice through personal finance. She has brought Generous Justice to Hazon through programs such as “Food, Money, and Justice: Digesting Our Jewish Choices.”