Signs to Communicate Your Work

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These signs were designed with the idea that we should do a better job at communicating both our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection, and all the wonderful work we are doing!

Designed to be displayed side by side –

The GREEN sign will indicate you are a part of the Hazon Seal program and your commitment to respond to the environmental crisis we are all facing.

The WHITE sign is where you can list your efforts, i.e. all the things you are doing and the measures you are taking to make your community / organization healthier and more sustainable. With sustainability in mind, this sign is meant to be reusable even though the content may change depending on the occasions or event and as you progress in your sustainability journey: Print the sign with the blank white space in the middle, and then reuse it by separately printing the list of your sustainability efforts on a separate piece of paper or two, to paste onto the sign. As you do more or other things you can update the list. If you are holding a special event and have taken measures that are specific to it – you can change the list. Below you will find 2 versions of this sign, with and without designated space for community suggestions.

  • With designated suggestions space: This is a great way to encourage others to write down what sustainability ideas they have and for their voice to be heard! Simply print this sign and paste an 8.5″x 11″ piece of paper (or two) horizontally at the designated space. Remove and add more papers as more people write. Be sure to have light pens nearby.
  • Without designated suggestions space: We recommend printing your list on 11″x 17″ paper and using a large font. If printing on smaller paper, make sure the font is large.


Display suggestions

Year Round: Use easels or hang on the wall to display your efforts to your community year-round!

Events: Place these signs at the entrance, mentioning the specific efforts you have made to make the simchah more sustainable (e.g. plant based/rich menu, reusable tableware, compost collection etc.).

Outdoors: In case you hold outdoor events, we suggest using an A frame stand. The simple ones are plastic but we like this nicer metal one.

Printing Instructions

Size: These signs are designed to be printed in 24”x 36”.

Info about the sustainable printing material and printer: We recommend to always include information about the sustainable material used in the printing and the printer you used on your sustainably-printed products. Why? -because it will both support sustainable printing businesses and also inspire others to print sustainably in your area! See another example: Hazon’s oval sticker here, indicating the product is 100% recyclable etc, printed by

Before you print, have your printer customize the design:  Simply send them the InDesign file below to –

  • Add your logo to the green AND white sign
  • Change the info at the bottom, as needed, to indicate the sustainable printing method used and where it was printed.

How and where do we print? As you can see mentioned at the bottom of the sign, our provider is EcoFriendly printer. Hazon Seal sites can get 10% discount! More info about the printer and the discount here. We printed these signs on as 100% PCW Posters – Replace Foam Core – for indoor use. For outdoor use we printed it as 24″x36 PolyPro signs and use velcro or tape to hold them in place. That’s what we did, using an A-Frame stand!

Download the files