Reducing Food Waste & Embracing “Ugly Food”


Did you know that Americans waste 25% of the food they buy? According to Sustainable America, an environmental non-profit, that’s like buying four bags of groceries and dropping one in the street! Reducing food waste is not just a way to save money, but one of many critical steps toward reducing methane emissions and our impact on climate change. Explore the resources below to learn more about how you can reduce food waste.

  • Food Waste Quiz” is a short quiz provided by Sustainable America which aims to reduce food waste by making attainable behavioral changes. As part of the “I Value Food” campaign, the quiz helps you assess how much food you waste. Click here to access this resource.
  • Actions to Reduce your Food Waste” is a collection of Sustainable America resources, from meal planning and shopping to composting, that can help you take action on reducing how much food you waste. Click here to access this resource.
  • How Ugly, Unloved Food Can Change the World” is a talk presented in the 2015 TedXManhattan series on changing the way we eat by Dana Cowin, then-Editor-in-Chief of Food & Wine magazine. Cowin explains how eating food that doesn’t look appealing – or “ugly food” – can have a significant impact in helping reduce food waste. Click here to access this resource.
  • Ugly Fruit & Veg’s “Ugly Fruit Posters” are a fun, creative, and visual way to promote the use of “ugly food” – or “uglies” –  in your home kitchen or workspace. Click here to access this resource.
  • International Supermarket Directory” is a resource Ugly Fruit & Veg provides in order to find out which supermarkets in your area participate in campaigns to reduce food waste and sell “uglies”. Click here to access this resource.
  • Looking for a way to track how much food you waste at home or in your workspace? LeanPath is an organization that helps others take action on reducing food waste by providing cutting-edge technology and free resources like the Waste Log and the Food Waste Audit, among other informational tools.