Pickling Activities


Pickling is easy, fun, highly adaptable, and deeply connected to Jewish history and tradition. Here are two different ideas for a pickling curriculum, prepared as part of the JOFEE Fellowship:

In Nicole Cruz’s workshop “Pickling for Families”, explore new ways to preserve and eat seasonal food with your children, learn about the history of pickling and its connections to Jewish traditions, and create two different types of pickles- a ‘quick’ pickle using vinegar and a fermented pickle that you can take home to watch develop. This program is geared towards young families. Access this resource here.

In Rachel Aronson’s curriculum “Pickling and Food Justice”, gain an introduction to pickling and an overview of food justice issues. Participants will leave with a jar of pickles and knowledge of the pickling process, and with deeper insight into the importance of local food and workers’ rights in the food system. This program is geared towards college students. Access this resource here.