JLens Impact Investing



Do you have a synagogue endowment or other funds managed by your Jewish Community Foundation or federation?

If so, do you know how that money is being invested and if there are values-base or socially responsible investing opportunities?  If not –  Here’s one way for you to advocate for their inclusion:


Founded in 2012, JLens is an investor network that explores a Jewish lens on ‘impact investing,’ an increasingly popular investment discipline that considers social and environmental impact in addition to financial return.

Impact investing is a new term for an old concept: that values, ethics, and mission extend to investment decisions. However, in recent years the field has evolved into a global values-based movement, creating an exciting new forum for the application of Jewish wisdom.

JLens oversees the Jewish values-overlay and advocacy efforts for the Jewish Advocacy Strategy, a portfolio of the approximately 300 most influential companies in the US, and the only investment dedicated to advocacy on behalf of Jewish communal concerns. Anchor investors include Jewish Community Foundations, Federations, donor-advised funds, private foundations, and family offices.

​JLens is headquartered in San Francisco and New York City.



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