Hazon Seal Webinar: Writing a Food Policy

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With Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA) – https://www.jewishinitiativeforanimals.org/

Our friends at the Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA) are a powerful resource for you to learn about and transition towards a more conscious, compassionate and sustainable consumption of food. Since the Hazon Seal started, Jewish Initiative for Animals has partnered with the program by co-creating the Food, Animal Welfare, and Food Justice audit, and offering consultation to any Seal Site focused on a food/animal welfare or food policy education/action/advocacy project. JIFA just relaunched its website and offers a range of educational resources focused on how we should consider animal welfare as part of Jewish institutional life.

JIFA’s other areas of work include: food sourcing – helping Jewish institutions source higher welfare kosher meat and expand their plant-based repertoire/meat reduction efforts to encourage more humane, more sustainable eating, and food policy – helping Jewish institutions make long-term commitments to improved food practices and providing consultation to ensure that these transitions are successful. JIFA’s worked in partnership with Isabella Freedman to improve their egg sourcing and currently consult with Hazon on making additional transitions at Freedman and more broadly across Hazon’s operations. In addition to providing 1:1 consultation with Hazon Seal participants, they are regular sponsors, educators, and food sourcing consultants at the annual Hazon Food Conference, the JOFEE Network Gathering, and other Hazon-hosted local Jewish Food Festivals.

Feel free to reach out to them to explore the opportunities in your institution or community: Melissa Hoffman, Director of JIFA: melissah@farmforward.com; Ilana Braverman, Program Associate for JIFA: ilana@farmforward.com.