Hazon Seal Webinar: Food Waste

We had a truly fantastic webinar this week and I would like to, again, thank our friend Gary Oppenheimer for his inspirational and helpful talk. It was a real treat. I encourage all of you to check out the recording if you missed it. Gary suggests an easy lift that could make a big difference.



Action items

  • Know a grower/gardener*? (*this is not intended for professional farmers) – Tell them about Ampleharvest.org so they can locate a local pantry to which they can donate their excess produce.
  • Know of a local pantry near you? – Check if they are registered on AmpleHarvest.org. If not, tell them about it and encourage them to register if they accept fresh produce.
  • Plan for Food Waste Weekend in your community: Sept 6-8 2019 (link below)

Gary welcomes you to reach out for any questions or follow-ups at: gary@ampleharvest.org


Important links from Gary’s presentation
  • AmpleHarvest.org: AmpleHarvest.org allowed gardeners to bypass the Food Bank and get to a local food pantry directly, where they can donate fresh produce!
  • FoodWasteWeekend.org: Sept 6-8 2019. Share to reach all faith leaders!
Want to take the lead on promoting these efforts among our Hazon Seal network? please reach out to me. Imagine the collective impact we can have, insuring more fresh produce reach people in need?