Excess Kippot (Yarmulkas)


Lamenting the waste and excess that your community’s celebrations produce?

We are often asked:

What can we do with all the kippot that have accumulated from all the simchas in the past? Are there organizations that would take them to repurpose? Can we make blankets, clothing, anything?

Frankly, there’s what to do with what we have (creative projects, donation etc), but we would be wise to try and avoid this practice altogether, right?  There’s much to be said about having the conversation within the community so we don’t have more and more waste moving forward.

As to what to do with what we have now – here is a list of some resources we found online, and we welcome additional thoughts and suggestions from our Hazon Seal community of communities (simply email us at seal@hazon.org):

  • https://www.atlantamitzvahconnection.com/tips-tools/ideas-for-leftover-bar-mitzvah-kippot/
  • https://www.perlmancamp.org/current-families/perlman-all-year/mitzvah-projects/
  • https://www.reddit.com/r/Judaism/comments/7ee6fx/what_to_do_with_extra_personalized_kippot/
  • https://www.mayanhands.org/pages/mitzvah-kippot
  • https://theshalomcenter.org/node/1620

Feedback, thoughts and additional ideas are welcome at seal@hazon.org