Chanukah Revisited: A compilation of Resources to make your Chanukah Healthier and more Sustainable

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Download our 2019 Hazon Chanukah Greening Guide!

From purchasing sustainable oil to fair trade gelt, to event sustainability tips and programming suggestions, this awesome new guide has you covered for the coming holiday!

(*Detroit metro area – you get a MI local version because you have an awesome Hazon local team supported by local generous donors, yay!)


Hazon Holiday Resources

Need more? Check out Hazon’s holiday resources for additional ideas, tips and recipes to support your greening efforts for Chanukah. 


The Spiritual Meaning of Chanukah

Consider bringing this brief discussion to your holiday table, at home, among friends or broadly to your community or school activities. This 1-page resource provides two resources accompanied by a few questions for discussion.


Make it a Yummy Compassionate Chanukah:

View our webinar recording that includes a text study about the traditional origin of eating dairy on Chanukah, as well as helpful information about how to find more ethically and sustainably sources for dairy and eggs for your holiday celebration.


Article and a text study by our webinar speaker, Rabbi Aryeh Bernstein from the Jewish Initiative for Animals (JIFA). He discusses these in the webinar and you can check them out on your own as well: