B’nai Mitzvah Project Idea: Contribute to Anti-Idling Campaign in NYC


George Pakenham, the maker of the documentary “Idle Threat” about idling started a campaign to end engine idling for health reasons, for noise reduction, for cleaner air, and for saving the country from unnecessary waste of fuel.  See this website on idling by Sustainable America: www.iturnitoff.com. Read more about George Pakenham in this article.

Hazon Seal sites in New York can help fight climate change, and to raise a little money, by submitting citizen complaints for idling to the city DEP!

Think of a horde of 13 year-olds, with their mobile phones, deployed across New York, as part of their b’nai mitzvah projects. 🙂

All that is needed is a few seconds of video to time stamp a commercial vehicle idling, which identifies the location and time and business name, and then a few seconds more that are filmed more than 4 minutes later showing the vehicle is still idling. Then – use this form to submit a complaint.

Once processed by the NYC Department of Environmental Protection, the person submitting the complaint can earn between $175-$500! Once this is really launched, we will do our part to reduce idling, reduce noise pollution, improve air quality, improve health, save the country from importing oil, and more!



Have other B’nai Mitzvah projects ideas? Please let us know! Email us to seal@hazon.org. Thank you!