Project Category: Food Choices

Dor Hadash

Detroit, Michigan

We will be building a community sukkah for Dor Hadash families. We will be using local materials for the sukkah structure, decorations, and for a lulav and etrog. We will also be tasting locally grown fruits and vegetables in our sukkot celebration. This will be a great way to observe the holiday and also explore and support our local food ecosystem in an interactive and delicious way. It would be great if we can get our food from a Detroit farm and have a farmer there to share information about the produce, the farming process, and what it's like to grow food in Detroit. The sukkah will be designed and built by a group of parent volunteers on the property of one of our parent/educators. The kids in our program will use gourds and other things from the farmer's market, as well as utilize recycled/upcycled materials for festive decorations. This will provide a great opportunity to talk about and practice sustainability in a creative way. We will have a program on October 9 to teach about the holiday. During Sukkot, it will be open for members of Dor Hadash and guests to strengthen our community, Jewish identity, and connection to the environment as we gather, eat, and celebrate together.

The Fresh Air Society

Ortonville, Michigan

In the first phase of funding for Camp Kennedy in the Upper Peninsula, we will be purchasing a bear proof composting bin, and reusable plastic bags for backcountry trips. This will enable us to compost our food scraps, and reduce our single use plastic.

Congregation Beth Ahm

West Bloomfield, Michigan

The GT will be hosting a variety of educational and participatory events over a 2-3 month span of time focusing on food waste awareness. Potential topics include composting with a trial, food preservation hands-on presentation, educational topics of interest via email/video. Plan to present and complete in Fall of 2022.

Yad Ezra

berkley, Michigan

We need to mulch the gardens and paths of our Genesis garden that is in partnership with Our Lady of La Salette Church. This will decrease our water usage, help limit the amount of weeds that grow and have to be dealt with, and also help the accessibility of our gardens and the ease of knowing where to walk and locations of pathways.

Elon University Hillel

Elon, North Carolina

Elon Hillel is proud to announce our annual Passover Seder, a musical and interactive community journey from slavery to freedom that is open to the entire community. This year, we are dedicating our seder to the people of Ukraine, with sunflowers on every table, special readings, and a theme of Roots. Roots will be a celebration of so many of our family roots in Ukraine, and also of our own gratitude for planet Earth, as this year Pesach coincides with Earth Day. All plates, cups, and flatware will be compostable. Register at

Jewish Ferndale

Ferndale, Michigan

The Very successful community garden is still recovering from inattentiveness during covid. Many things need repair and expansion.

Habonim Dror Camp Tavor

Detroit, Michigan

Chicken programming revamp Every summer, the Camp Tavor chava (farm) incorporates a small chicken flock into our sustainability/agriculture programming. Unfortunately, our coop and run are deteriortating. This year, we are excited to apply for a Hazon grant to reinvigorate our chicken infrastructure. Furthermore, we are particularly excited by the prospect of building a chicken tractor to integrate natural foraging behaviors into our sustainable land management practice. We hope to accomplish the following technical goals: 1. Fix and expand our existing chicken coop. 2. Install new fencing to protect our chicken run from local predators. 3. Build a chicken tractor to utilize our flock for natural aeration and fertilization. We envision that this upgrade will accomplish the following education and sustainability goals: 1. Model sustainable permaculture techniques integrating chicken and organic vegetable farming. 2. Improve campers’ experience interacting with the chickens in a clean and safe environment. 3. Increase our production of locally sourced organic eggs.

Metro Food Rescue

West Bloomfield, Michigan

Did you know We waste 40% of the food in this country Food is the largest category of material placed in landfills - EPA 2021

Metro Food Rescue

West Bloomfield, Michigan

Did you know We waste 40% of the food in this country Food is the largest category of material placed in landfills - EPA 2021

Newberger Hillel Center at the University of Chicago

Chicago, Illinois

We got in the Purim spirit by baking vegan hamantaschen!

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