Spertus Institute Session at The Big Bold Jewish Climate Fest

Spertus Institute for Jewish Learning & Leadership

Chicago, IL

Project Description

Spertus Institute will present a session during January’s Jewish Climate Fest titled, “The Urgency of a Pandemic and the Intersection of Climate Change, Religion, and Social Justice”. In February 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic put a stop to large, in person gatherings, Spertus Institute hosted Critical Conversations, an event drawing 400 participants to hear experts and activists debate responses to climate change. That event – one of the projects that earned Spertus its 2020 Hazon Seal of Sustainability – kicked off a deep dive into ongoing, action-oriented conversations about climate-related needs and possible solutions, especially where they overlap with communities of faith. Spertus has developed working groups of religious and environmental thought leaders to explore the idea of climate emergency as a pandemic, with a special focus on water and religion and regional social justice and policy issues related to the Great Lakes. This session will share our process, journey, and discoveries in the hope that others will join and build on this work.


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