Hallway ‘indoor garden’/hydroponic grow towers

Rodef Shalom Preschool/Congregation

Denver, CO

Project Description

The preschool hallway most likely needs plants that thrive in very very low and indirect light for them to grow successfully. We would like to have plant growing/observation tables where, after kiddos initially pot plants, they can observe and study their continued growth/progress. This way the plants and their care can be continually incorporated into the daily classroom curriculum. -In addition we are in the process of creating an indoor hydroponics garden. In order to have the hydroponic grow towers sent and activate our partnership with Lettuce Grow Farm stands, we need to be able to purchase indoor grow lights to make the veggie tower growing successful. Once the lights have been ordered LG will send us a Farm Stand, plant seedlings/starters for a year and the required nutrients to maintain their continued health.


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