Front Lawn Garden Bed

Rodef Shalom Preschool/Congregation

Denver, CO

Project Description

A centered raised garden bed will be a Holocaust Memorial Daffodil Garden in partnership with the Daffodil project. The bed will have formal borders with a dedicated plaque. The number of daffodils will range from 500 - 750. A donor has been found to match and possibly double the daffodil project’s 250 bulb donation. The bed will also include other edible herbs and perennial plants good for pollinators to act as the beginning of a front lawn community garden. There has been a gardener out to survey and we will get a bid and a rendering of the finished project from him as well as a few other companies. We will select the best and most cost competitive. I will put together a presentation for the preschool and congregation families to ask for funding late May - early July. The bed should be built early August so we can begin planting at the end of August/ beginning of October. One idea for fundraising is to offer mini home daffodil kits to families giving at a higher rate. I will also begin calling local businesses for donations for an online preschool auction to run during the fundraising window. All proceeds will benefit the front lawn garden bed and the garden/outdoor projects.


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