Pico Union Community Engagement

Pico Union Project

Los Angeles, CA

Project Description

Pico Union Project's compost from our emergency Covid-19 fresh produce distribution. Through our distribution which takes produce that otherwise would have been waste, is distributed to over 1500 families. The food that cannot be distributed goes to our community compost. Our volunteers who are all community members have learned how to compost, which produce and other items can be composted(e.g. toilet paper rolls, paper bags, cardboard) and how to maintain the compost. The compost is then used for our urban/community garden which has nourished the area that had been completed stripped of nutrients to plant trees and vegetation for the community. Creating tree canopy's for the community and herbs/vegetables that is then cooked for community. Our kitchen cooks plant-based meals to low-income individuals and distributes the recipe on how to recreate with produce at our distribution.


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