School Compost & Recycling Integration

Denver jewish Day School

Denver, CO

Project Description

During the course of the 2021/2022 school year Denver Jewish Day School will implement a compost and recycling program in both cafeterias and outdoors at The Farmette. It is our mission to be as sustainable with our waste management as an institution and to teach these practices to our students and staff, additionally have this knowledge trickle into the family households of the students.

This will be a guided step-by-step mission. It begins with finding a local composting/recycling company to work with. Currently we have a site assessment arranged with Next Use on June 29, 2021 to begin a quote for service. Following an assessment of the waste generated by the school, we will begin the 1st phase of the program in 1 cafeteria and The Farmette. The appropriate number of bins will be in place, clear signage will be created, a student informational session will take place, and a faculty informational session will take place. Education is a major factor in this implementation. in addition to the knowledge shared by The Farmette manager, Next Use will also provide support. The 2nd phase will be adding the same practices to the 2nd cafeteria within a 3 month period after the 1st phase.

The Farmette will have recycling and compost bins, as well as the additional project of building an organic waste 3-system compost structure to appropriately manage our farm waste. This will not be collected by Next Use, rather it will be reused for The Farmette beds.

Next Use will adjust and accomodate our needs for the amount of bins needed (both recycling and compost), number of pick-ups per month, amount of training sessions, and will provide the school with compost to use for our garden beds – this last factor creates a wonderful circular system where the school will receive back it’s refined compost to use. The Farmette manager will organize a small team of faculty who will oversee the progress, implementation, and accuracy of this program will regular monitoring and check-ins.

The use of this mini-grant will go directly to the cost of servicing Next Use for their bins and pick-ups. Additionally it will be used to cover proper and accurate signage and training sessions.


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