Single-use waste reduction through water bottle filling stations

Congregation Har HaShem

Boulder, CO

Project Description

This project is to retrofit the existing water fountain to a dual water fountain plus water bottle refilling station. This will lead to a healthier and more environmentally sustainable Colorado by encouraging the use of refillable water bottles and reducing the use of single-use drink containers. As shared by Har HaShem's Executive Director, "This is a way to encourage mindfulness around carrying a water bottle, refilling it, hydrating, and avoiding disposables... when I see these water fountains, I'm reminded that I could or should be carrying a water bottle." The Har HaShem Green Team will promote this latest step toward sustainability to the congregation and leverage it to highlight all of the synagogue's past and current environmental activities. The Green Team will also create educational signage to be placed by the new fountain that highlights the environmental devastation caused by single-use items and especially single-use plastic.


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