(Virtual) Tu B’Shavat Seder – January 2021/5781

Congregation Agudath Israel of West Essex

Caldwell, NJ

Project Description

We will be conducting a Zoom virtual seder for the evening January 27, 2021. As we did last year -we will be using Hazon's Tu B'Shavat Haggadah as a framework - but with our own liturgical changes. We will have to adjust our presentation for the virutal presentation (last year was very hands on - smelling, tasting etc.) One way we plan to handle this by making up bags to be delivered to participants beforehand with various materials including some foods.


February 4, 2021

Project Complete!

The virtual Tu B’Shevat Sedar was co-sponsored by our Education Department, and was attended by Rabbi Lucas, Cantor Caplan, Susan Werk, our Educational Director, all of whom spoke and/or sang at the event, and three congregational rabbis. Jewish National Fund supplied bags and goodies for event participants and presented two videos about JNF’s work in preserving Israel’s environment. Each participant received a Sedar bag containing wine, seven foods, seeds for planting, and the Hazon hagaddah, which guided the service. We had singing, break-out sessions to address the questions in the Hazon hagaddah, and a yoga break, and watched a video on how to make babka. The event lasted 2 hours.


The event was conducted on Zoom (which is always a challenge!) Committee volunteers distributed the Sedar bags at the synagogue, using COVID-19 precautions. Guests had to wait in the waiting room to inhibit Zoom bombers. A tech monitor cross-checked the registration list before allowing people into the Zoom event.

Impact Numbers:

The event was attended by 59 people on 40 screens, more than double the attendees from last year’s 1st annual Sedar.

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