(Virtual) Earth Day Program – Sunday April 25, 2021

Congregation Agudath Israel of West Essex

Caldwell, NJ

Project Description

We will be engaging Dr. Jeremy Benstein - I'm sure Hazon is familiar with him - but this is from his Linked In page: I [Dr. Benwstein] am (still) a founder and senior staffer at the Heschel Center for Sustainability. We train, nurture and connect a committed, creative, multi-disciplinary cadre of change agents to promote Israel as a sustainable society - meaning a strong, democratic economy in a resilient just society made of vibrant communities in a healthy and productive environment - for ourselves and future generations. Now, we are crucially involved in helping to shape Israel's response to the climate crisis, including expanding the movement for sustainability to other social change organizations, and influencing government policy on renewable energies and climate policy. Will will be working with him to refine the specific topics he will cover.


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