Program Overview & Important Links


Welcome! First, Complete your Registration


Submit a signed letter of agreement (as sent to you  by email, if you can’t locate it contact us at

Board Resolution:

Submit a board resolution indicating your organization’s commitment to the program and the board’s support (see suggested template here).

Participation Fee:

Pay the fee* online, HERE to help offset Hazon’s program cost. Cost is determined on a sliding scale, see details under Hazon Seal FAQ.

* Participation fee is not applicable to Metro- Detroit, Colorado, and Chicago Sites, where we currently have generous local funding support. 

Orientation webinar / Meeting:

Your team (or liaison, if you don’t have a team yet) will participate in this introductory webinar or an in person orientation meeting. We will all introduce ourselves, and Hazon staff will explain the program process and take questions.


Step 1: Start/ Strengthen your Green Team

Green Team:

Build a green team, or strengthen an existing team of individuals interested in implementing sustainability projects at your institution. The green team should include one specific Hazon Seal point person who is ideally a staff member.

Use these guides to jump start your work:


Communicating your work and achievements is a big part of the impact you will be making in your community, and beyond. Think big. From guests seeing your Hazon Seal certificate at the entrance, to signage and announcements, these communications efforts will support strengthening your green team as well as galvanizing support for your greening effort.

For this reason, each organization commits to publicize their participation in three ways:

  • An executive leader (rabbi, ED, principal, etc.) announces participation in the Hazon Seal to members, the board, and other constituencies
  • The organization publicizes its participation and sustainability work along with the Hazon Seal logo via website, newsletter, social media, etc. using the hashtag #hazonseal.
  • Use the Hazon Seal PR Package for more guidelines, examples and tips! (or this Hazon Seal PR Package Refresher for certified sites!)


Step 2: Benchmark and Set Goals

Hazon Seal online Audit:

Our user friendly Audit, available HERE, will help you benchmark your current performance and highlight your stronger and weaker areas as an institution/community, while providing ideas and inspiration for new sustainability projects.

Each audit is divided into potential projects that break down to concrete suggested activities. The green team and/or leadership choose which of the three audits (food, facilities, or ecosystems) will be most helpful to the institution, based on its needs and goals. Of course, you make take two or three audits, but you are only required to take one.

Tip: Take the audit as a group, with your green team, at your meeting. This will enable you to identify people’s interests, develop a conversation about priorities and will better position people to take ownership on projects, rather then having to delegate tasks.

Consultation with Hazon staff:

Hazon Seal sites are eligible to schedule two consulting calls a year. Our first call will focus on tailoring the best next steps for your organization, based on interests, capacity, and where you are in your sustainability journey. There’s no one-size-fits-all here. Using the results of your audit, we will set goals for the year and draft a timeline of your projects.

To schedule the consult call, contact your Hazon Seal coordinator:

  • Metro Detroit sites:
  • Colorado sites:  
  • Chicago area sites:
  • All other sites:             Schedule here with the NYC staff


Step 3: Implementation

Implement Substantive Sustainability Projects:

The green team, in conjunction with institutional leaders, commits to and executes substantive sustainability projects that have a long lasting impact and facilitate institutional change.

Track your Impact:

Collect measurable information on project impact in terms of both the environment and community engagement (e.g. the number of people affected/participating, amount of food composted, etc.) Document your work through photos and video.

Tip: Have a look at the End of Year report as a reference to the info you will be requested to report on in order to get the Hazon Seal certification.


Hazon Seal training webinars give you an opportunity to connect with other participating Hazon Seal sites, learn about a variety of sustainability topics and get tangible tools to take back to your community.

Second consulting call:

Fall is the home stretch before end-of-year reporting and certification. If you need us, we are here for you! Schedule your second annual consultation with Hazon Seal staff to receive experienced advice, support, and additional resources.

To schedule your consult call contact us:

  • Metro Detroit sites:
  • Colorado sites:
  • Chicago area sites:
  • All other sites: Schedule here with the NYC staff



Step 4: Report, Celebrate, and Repeat!


Use this online End-of-Year form to report on your achievements, and upload supporting documents and photos. We will review your submission to confirm that you have successfully completed your projects, or made substantive progress in executing most of them. Then – if you have accomplished at least 5 project points from the Audit – you will be awarded you the Hazon Seal certification!


Let it Shine! Use the Hazon Seal of Sustainability award to spread the word about your success, both within and outside your community! Remember to use the Hazon Seal logo and the Hazon Seal PR Package for more guidelines, examples and tips! #hazonseal

Share to inspire: We encourage you to share your wisdom, your experience, and your best practices. This is your way to support this effort and make it stronger, as well as to better communicate and celebrate your work, inspiring others to do the same. Therefore, each organization participating in the Hazon Seal commits to writing 1-2 blog posts for publication on Hazon website and beyond. See some examples here!


Renew your commitment to sustainability by setting even higher goals for the following year and take the opportunity to continue participating in the Hazon Seal of Sustainability! We strongly suggest you gather your green team and complete the following together. It will help identify team members’ passions and interest and will encourage folks to take ownership on those tasks:

  1. Retake the Audit: Choose to update the audit you took before or tackle a new area of focus. This will give you a solid foundation and some great ideas as you plan your new projects for the year. Please note: Be sure to complete your User Profile on the Portal before you begin to omit parts of the Audit that are not relevant to you (e.g. garden related questions if you have no outdoor space..). Please be in touch if you have a problem logging in.
  2. Renewal: Use this online Renewal form to identify the projects you want to take on this year. Make them, cumulatively, significant and of long lasting effect! Based on this we will have our next consult call, to see how Hazon can support you best.
  3. Consultation: Schedule a consult with your Hazon Seal coordinator to go over your audit and decide on next year’s projects. Note that this call should take place AFTER you have completed the Audit and the renewal form as detailed above.To schedule your consult call contact us:
    • Metro Detroit sites:
    • Colorado sites:
    • Chicago area sites:
    • All other sites: Schedule here with the NYC staff