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Eden Village Camp Resources

Provided are a prayerbook and a collection of earth-related and spiritual songs.

Farm Bill Resources

These resources focus on background policy information and how reforming the Farm Bill is a Jewish issue.

Fit to Eat

This guide provides a framework to learn more about our food system and Jewish traditions surrounding food justice; identify challenges specific to your local community; and create a plan for action that builds on the existing programs, skills, and assets of your Jewish institution.

Food Justice Resources

Ways to engage with food justice issues individually and in the classroom, including a possible curriculum and food justice syllabus.

GMO foods and Jewish law resources

Articles and resources focused on looking at Genetically Modified foods through Jewish law and traditions.

Green Kiddush Guide

Included in this guide for synagogues are specific suggestions on how to schedule and promote a vegetarian Green Kiddush, a list of concrete ways to make it “green,” tips associated with each suggestion, and templates of educational signage.

Green Team Guide (full)

Use this evaluation report’s key findings and recommendations for how to successfully institutionalize a green team.