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Soil Resources

Resources regarding our relationship with soil in the Jewish tradition, and how to support healthy soils.

Seeds Resources

Background information and history of seeds, as well as how to start saving seeds.

Jewish Farm School Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan Template by the Jewish Farm School.

Judaism and Sustainability

Provided are the JFS resource Judaism and Sustainability, includng text studies, discussion guides, and facilitator guides on Creation, Mishkan, Shmita, and Yovel.

The Jewish Medicine Wheel

Teaching materials and curriculum design for leading sessions on the Jewish Medicine Wheel.

Jewish Calendar Resources

Includes text studies, activities, and resource sheets dedicated to learning about the Jewish calendar and its agricultural roots.

Tisha B’Av Resources

Background information, lesson plans, and program activities around Tisha B’Av.

SYNERGY Strategies for Maintaining Synagogue Spaces

UJA Federation provides a research report with strategies for synagogue upkeep.

Sustaining our Vision: Jewish Climate Change Campaign

Activities, resources, and Jewish texts on climate change targeted towards teens.

Institutional Greening Checklist

Use this JGF tool to make greening a part of your institution’s regular operations.

Shabbat Ha’aretz

Rav Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat Ha’Aretz, a book on shmita (Biblical sabbatical year) by Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of the land of Israel in the 20th century.

Agricultural Laws Resources

Resources intended to be used when teaching the Jewish biblical agricultural laws.