(Virtual) Earth Day Program – Sunday April 25, 2021

We will be engaging Dr. Jeremy Benstein - I'm sure Hazon is familiar with him - but this is from his Linked In page: I [Dr. Benwstein] am (still) a founder and senior staffer at the Heschel Center for Sustainability. We train, nurture and connect a committed, creative, multi-disciplinary cadre of change agents to promote Israel as a sustainable society - meaning a strong, democratic economy in a resilient just society made of vibrant communities in a healthy and productive environment - for ourselves and future generations. Now, we are crucially involved in helping to shape Israel's response to the climate crisis, including expanding the movement for sustainability to other social change organizations, and influencing government policy on renewable energies and climate policy. Will will be working with him to refine the specific topics he will cover.

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(Virtual) Tu B’Shavat Seder – January 2021/5781

We will be conducting a Zoom virtual seder for the evening January 27, 2021. As we did last year -we will be using Hazon's Tu B'Shavat Haggadah as a framework - but with our own liturgical changes. We will have to adjust our presentation for the virutal presentation (last year was very hands on - smelling, tasting etc.) One way we plan to handle this by making up bags to be delivered to participants beforehand with various materials including some foods.

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Join in advocacy efforts both statewide by working with Earth Ministry, and locally, by taking action to support the Thurston County Climate Mitigation Plan

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Motion Sensor Light Switches

We have begun the process of installing motion sensor light switches in all closed rooms in the synagogue, i.e., the restrooms. We have to be cognizant of having Shabbat-friendly lights that we can turn on and change back to motion sensor once Shabbat has ended. We have chosen bathrooms as they are the rooms that are not easily seen and we have found that the lights are often left on.

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Shifting Toward a Plant -Forward Diet

1) We are holding monthly zoom vegan shabbat meals created by our caterer, bought by our members and shared online before services. Our goal is to introduce our members to the environmental, ethical and health benefits of eating a plant-forward diet. We have a guest speaker each month. During the last 2 Shabbat dinners, we focused on explaining and encouraging our members to join the Temple Solel group for the Brit Hazon. Becky O'Brien spoke at one of these dinners. 2) We will be holding an Vegan international cooking demonstration series beginning February 21, with Vietnamese food, followed by an Israeli vegan cooking demo on March 21, and an Italian vegan cooking demo on April 25th. 3) We watched the movie "Game Changers" together, shared a vegan dessert, and discussed the movie. It was eye-opening for most of us, and one of our attendees was a registered dietician who was able to answer many of our questions 4) We got a grant from Shamayim, which is helping us with some of these projects.

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