Hefker Table

Start a Hefker table. Utilize "passive" education while maintaining a space where students can drop gently used items they no longer need and maybe find an item they can use.

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Litterless Lunches

We aim to be a Litterless Lunch school starting next September 2023. We will be introducing our school community to the concept this year with a monthly Student & Staff Litterless Lunch. Students are encouraged to pack a lunch with as minimal waste as possible which encourages thoughtful and healthy choices (like fruits and vegetables), and avoiding single-use food items with its own package (often highly processed, high in sugar, and lacking nutrients). Any organic or plastic waste will be sent home in the child's lunch kit. We aim to do a cafeteria waste audit this year as well to ensure that our catering practices align with this litterless lunch vision.

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Climate Action Youth Forum

We received a grant from Learning for a Sustainable Future for our grade 5 class to attend a Climate Action Youth Forum in February at Science World. The Youth Forum will engage students in local climate change issues, equip them with knowledge and skills needed to change, and empower them to take action. This Forum is designed to help students take on a curricular-connected, real- world climate Action Project that has a positive impact in their school and community.

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Food Waste & Rescue

We are partnering with Rescuing Leftover Cuisine to donate all leftover, unused food from events at BJ. They will be picking up every week after Kiddush so that leftover food from Shabbat dinners and Kiddush can be put to immediate use at organizations such as soup kitchens and shelters serving food insecure New Yorkers. This is connected to our big picture goal to reduce food waste. We are also redesigning our food ordering protocols and tracking systems to try to reduce our production of unused food overall.

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Jewish Learning Garden

We have been working with two other organizations in the local Jewish community, Jewish Family Servicaes and Vancouver Talmud Torah, for at least two years now to create a major new project in the Jewish community on a piece of land that is part of the Beth Israel campus and currently leased long term to a local family foundation which has agreed to let it be used for a garden. It will provide Jewish environmental/sustainability/food/gardening education and experiences for clients of JFS, students/teachers/parents at VTT, and students/members/families. We are moving towards a start in the next couple of months for construction on the garden and it will be really beautiful and a great space for education and growing food for the community! -update February 2, 2023: we are putting into place the graden manager/educator who has been identified!

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Repurposing Old Uniforms

We updated our logo and uniforms this year so we collected our old uniforms and are learning how to prepare and weave the shirts into baskets that we raffled off during Chanukah. It takes about 10 shirts to make one of these baskets. We are still figuring out what we can do with the old uniform pants and have been looking into shredding them to make dog beds for our local shelter.

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Microgreens Workshop

Microgreens are tasty and nutritious greens that can be eaten as a fresh snack or added to salads, smoothies, soups and more. In this workshop with Dr. Yael Stav, you’ll learn how to grow your own trays of microgreens at home year-round. We’ll look at the difference between sprouts and microgreens, review the many possible seeds that can be used for starting microgreens, and look into troubleshooting common problems.

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WRSSJCC Frock Swap

Mingle, enjoy homemade baked goods and a closet refresh, the green way at the WRSSJCC rock Swap! It’s estimated residents in the greater Vancouver area throw out about 20,000 tonnes of textiles each year, which is equivalent to the weight of 44 T-shirts per person. Bring your washed + gently used women’s clothing to the JCC and/or take as much as you’d like (by donation) on Monday November 14th between 12:30-7:30pm! We will have refreshments, snacks and a mingle. Children welcome to play upstairs.

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(Farber Hebrew Day School) Waste Free Lunch Initiative

All of the details are not finalized, but the project would entail education about single use plastic and waste prevention surrounding school lunch. We will examine a student's average lunch and the amount of waste that is produced. Then we will examine the alternatives and explore how we can implement those changes by doing a raffle of planet box lunch boxes and reusable silverware, etc. Then we will also share lunch ideas of what can be packed in the planet box.

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Pickling/Jewish Cooking/Sustainability Event

We're gathering students from our sustainability club and pickling club to have an event learning about Ba'al tashchit and the role that sustainability has traditionally played in jewish cooking. We're bringing in a chef who specializes in jewish learning and cooking to teach students how to pickle and how to make a vegetarian flatbread.

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