Greening DJJ

Detroit Jews for Justice has recently resumed in-person gatherings, which involve food! We would like to buy compostable single-use dishes, and enroll in composting services through Midtown Composting.

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Tree and Shrub Planting

Many trees within the cemetery have undergone a disease which has destroyed most, if not all, of the tree. These trees will/have been removed because of this reason. Additionally, some of the newer sections of the cemetery are sparse and in dire need of increased vegetation. Our goal is to plant new greenery that will last for many generations, add to the overall beauty of Clover Hill, and sustain/improve our ecosystem.

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Passover Seder

Elon Hillel is proud to announce our annual Passover Seder, a musical and interactive community journey from slavery to freedom that is open to the entire community. This year, we are dedicating our seder to the people of Ukraine, with sunflowers on every table, special readings, and a theme of Roots. Roots will be a celebration of so many of our family roots in Ukraine, and also of our own gratitude for planet Earth, as this year Pesach coincides with Earth Day. All plates, cups, and flatware will be compostable. Register at

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Chicken programming revamp

Chicken programming revamp Every summer, the Camp Tavor chava (farm) incorporates a small chicken flock into our sustainability/agriculture programming. Unfortunately, our coop and run are deteriortating. This year, we are excited to apply for a Hazon grant to reinvigorate our chicken infrastructure. Furthermore, we are particularly excited by the prospect of building a chicken tractor to integrate natural foraging behaviors into our sustainable land management practice. We hope to accomplish the following technical goals: 1. Fix and expand our existing chicken coop. 2. Install new fencing to protect our chicken run from local predators. 3. Build a chicken tractor to utilize our flock for natural aeration and fertilization. We envision that this upgrade will accomplish the following education and sustainability goals: 1. Model sustainable permaculture techniques integrating chicken and organic vegetable farming. 2. Improve campers’ experience interacting with the chickens in a clean and safe environment. 3. Increase our production of locally sourced organic eggs.

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