~NEW Project Updates

December 29, 2020: January 12, 2021:

1/11: installed two more smart thermostats in our social hall and sanctuary.

February 4, 2021:

The virtual Tu B’Shevat Sedar was co-sponsored by our Education Department, and was attended by Rabbi Lucas, Cantor Caplan, Susan Werk, our Educational Director, all of whom spoke and/or sang at the event, and three congregational rabbis. Jewish National Fund supplied bags and goodies for event participants and presented two videos about JNF’s work in preserving Israel’s environment. Each participant received a Sedar bag containing wine, seven foods, seeds for planting, and the Hazon hagaddah, which guided the service. We had singing, break-out sessions to address the questions in the Hazon hagaddah, and a yoga break, and watched a video on how to make babka. The event lasted 2 hours.

March 10, 2021:

The Holistic Omer Count
7-Week Omer Holistic Daily and Weekly Check-Ins 2021
Join us daily, and/or once a week, to count the Omer (March 28 – May 16). Choose an attainable goal, such as losing 5 pounds, walking 3x/week, and/or gardening, and check in for support. Our daily check-ins are at 9 AM EST and Sundays at 4:00 EST.

We will cover “Meatless Mondays,” and talk about the spices of the Sephirot of the week!

For the Zoom link, send your email to healingwordstol@gmail.com.

This program is part of the Hazon Seal of Sustainability.

May 11, 2021:

On April 25, 2021, CAI conducted a virtual Earth Day celebration. The CAI Education Committee co-sponsored the event with the CAI Environmental Committee. The celebration began with a d’var torah by our Associate Rabbi, Ari Lucas. Tov M’Od, the young children’s choir, sang “This Pretty Planet.” Our featured speaker was Dr. Jeremy Benstein, who did his usual wonderful job educating us about climate change and other important environmental issues.

May 25, 2021:

The Special Needs Camp Department is launching a new program this summer for approximately 60 campers with special needs and 12-15 counselors to tend and take home and the end of the season grow bags for flowers, herbs, and vegetables. The project is designed to give campers understanding of food and herb sources starting from seeds to starter plants. It is also designed to assist sensory activities at different stages. The grant will allow the purchase of grow bags, seed pods, compost, plug trays, and gardening supplies.

Each camper will take home grow bags with flowering plants for pollinators, herb plants for cooking and sensory activities, and vegetables for harvesting.

June 8, 2021:

Describe the success or progress you have made over the past 12 months

August 16, 2021:

Initial spreadsheet reviewed by Fred Davis on 13 August 2021. Still need to make changes to “natural gas” spreadsheet to convert MCFs to Therms.

August 16, 2021:

Education and Advocacy audit done.

September 17, 2021:

Completed the project during the summer of 2021 at camp.