Project Showcase Post Content

November 10, 2021

We met with the Director of Learning and Development and discussed what options we had.
We created a learning playlist in Joint University, our internal Learning and Development system, and included it in the staff newsletter. We updated it weekly with new articles, videos, and learning items on sustainable issues, until we hit the limit of 20 learning items. The Israel team showed interest in joining this project in the future, if we continue it.


Traction, getting people to sign-up for the playlist.
Finding time for other educational programs – a lot of other learning and engagement events are happening at JDC, and it was challenging to find both time to plan and a good time to host an event. That is why we focused on the playlist. We also did not have capacity to do more in addition to the Brit Hazon.

Impact Numbers:

The playlist has 5 followers.