The Natural Environment Assessment Results

Thank you for completing the Hazon Seal Natural Environment Assessment!

The suggestions below are based on your responses to the assessment, and are designed to get you thinking about what sort of projects your organization should consider to improve its sustainability impact. You are not required to take on all or even any of the suggestions offered.

Recommendations based on assessment taken May 10, 2022

  • We recommend creating a formal plan or set of policies for careful stewardship of the land your facility is built on. We encourage you to base that plan upon the contents of this assessment, any recommendations that appear below, and what is viable in your organization’s particular circumstances. Formalizing the plan will help ensure that it is followed and guides future decision-making.
  • We recommend assigning and empowering someone to ensure the Sustainable Outdoor Grounds Maintenance policies are implemented as intended. This adds a layer of accountability that is not present when the policy is left up to each member of the organization to interpret and carry out.