Food Choices Audit Results

Thank you for completing the Hazon Seal Food Choices Assessment!

After much deliberation, we have decided to remove the score and grading system from the assessments, as it seemed to distract from the true purpose: to help you in your sustainability journey. We will continue to build out this section of the portal so that it offers more comprehensive and useful feedback in the weeks to come.

Recommendations based on assessment taken April 12, 2022

  • True environmental stewardship in agriculture is hard to write a set of requirements for. However, certifications such as Organic and Fair Trade do set a higher standard of behavior as it relates to the environmental and social impacts of bringing food to market. We encourage you to seek these certifications where they are relevant. A possible exception is if you get food from a local producer whom you know to be environmentally responsible without certification, in which case feel free to change your answers to the relevant questions in the audit.