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Congregation Beth Israel: Decreasing energy use in synagogue building lighting

Project Description

The synagogue VP (soon to be president) had a prior relationship with an energy/lighting consultant from a major company in the field. She connected Rabbi Stein with him, and there was a meeting/building tour on January 27, 2022, with Rabbi Stein, the lighting/energy consultant, and the synagogue building supervisor (Chuck)… the meeting with very fruitful and we learned a lot about the opportunities we have to decrease energy usage. Chuck has had subsequent meetings with a representative from a company that may sell us the actual (lower wattage) lighting fixtures, and meetings with our executive director and board treasurer… and the project is moving along to the point that we should be able to move forward sometime soon with the first phase of our purchases.
Note that this should result in the retrofitting of something like 70-80% of the lighting fixtures in our building and there was some work done to find that the capital cost will be returned in the form of energy savings in something in the order of 3-4 years.
This is a project that is moving forward in the sense that the Board believes that the funding is allocated.




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