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Congregation Adath Jeshurun: Recycling is Re-Newed in time for the holidays!

Project Description

To renew our recycling program and increase the rate of recycling from our building we have purchased blue buckets which have been placed in the early learning classrooms for collecting recyclables and conducted a teacher training on September 13 with Early Learning Center staff to get the program rolling. In the future we will be conducting more training with AJ staff and congregants, affix labels to the blue cans as to what is recyclable and hopefully track the improvements in our recycling efforts with input from Republic. Sinage for the proper items for recycliing is being created by congregants and will be affixed to each recycling bin by December 30, 2022.

Another training will be conducted with the housekeepping staff to assure that recycleables get placed in outdoor bins for pickup.

We will be in touch with Republic Waste Management to try to track our volume of recyclables v. trash.




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