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Hillel at the University of Michigan: Pickling/Jewish Cooking/Sustainability Event

Project Description

We’re gathering students from our sustainability club and pickling club to have an event learning about Ba’al tashchit and the role that sustainability has traditionally played in jewish cooking. We’re bringing in a chef who specializes in jewish learning and cooking to teach students how to pickle and how to make a vegetarian flatbread.


Detroit Mini-Grant Application

Amount Requested: $1,000.00

Name: Emma Voit Phone: (734)-496-1957 Email:

1429 Hill St
Michigan Hillel
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104

Michigan Hillel

Project Budget: $4,600.00

Who will benefit?

We’re hoping to engage our sustainability club members, as well as students who are generally interested in Jewish cooking in hopes that they will leave inspired by the Jewish values of sustainability in food.




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