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Hillel Day School: Green Fund for Hillel Knesset

Project Description

The Hillel Knesset will be comprised of a group of 15 students from grades 3-8. The Knesset will identify areas that they would like to strengthen within the school community. They will be focusing on Hillel’s Core Values, which include Tikkun Olam (and other Jewish values). Within this focus, students will identify ways that the Hillel community can become a more green and environmentally aware community. They will discuss and propose initiatives to pursue within the school and beyond. Ultimately, they will choose an initiative that aligns with this core value to enact this school year.

The Green Fund (funding by this mini-grant) would allow these students to have the resources necessary to implement their initiative. Examples of initiatives might include:inviting a speaker to educate students and staff on environmental issues, improving our waste and recycling system, sponsoring a school-wide audit to identify areas of improvement, sponsoring an environmental program in the school, or other green initiatives that the students are passionate about.


Detroit Mini-Grant Application

Amount Requested: $1,000.00

Name: Laura Pasek Phone: (734)-353-7811 Email:

32200 Middlebelt Road
Farmington Hills, Michigan 48334

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Organizational Budget: I don’t know Project Budget: $1,000.00


By 9/30/22 Form the Knesset with 15 students from grades 3-8 (among the 50+ applicants)
Throughout the schoolyear, the Knesset meets monthly during lunch
By 12/1/22 Discuss and propose green initiatives of interest
By 2/1/23 Select and plan the initiative
By 5/1/23 Implement the initiative
Simultaneously, our marketing department will document and write about the process to communicate to the community via email, social media, reaching out to the Detroit Jewish News.

Who will benefit?

Student leaders, the school community, and the environment.
Student leaders: The 15 Knesset members will be empowered by knowing that they can make an impact.
The school community: Hillel Day School will benefit from moving more towards its core value of tikun olam.
The environment: This Green Fund will help enact an environmental project, and will also foster the next generation of green leaders.




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