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Congregation Beth Ahm: Food Waste awareness campaign

Project Description

The GT will be hosting a variety of educational and participatory events over a 2-3 month span of time focusing on food waste awareness. Potential topics include composting with a trial, food preservation hands-on presentation, educational topics of interest via email/video. Plan to present and complete in Fall of 2022.


Detroit Mini-Grant Application

Amount Requested: $1,000.00

Name: Faye Wolf Phone: (248)-770-4802 Email:

5075 West Maple Rd
West Bloomfield, Michigan 48323-1915

<a href=””>CBAHM – West Bloomfield</a>

Organizational Budget: TBD Project Budget: $1,200.00


1. Increase congregants awareness of food choices in regards to waste
2. Increase congregant’s participation in composting, either personal or community wide
3. Provide educational opportunities to help congregants decrease the amount of food waste they produce.

Who will benefit?

CBAHM congregants and their communities




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