All 2020 Projects

Enid Lotstein: GHC Activities 2020

Project Description

1. Existing Compost Removal and Garden/Park Donation. We arranged with the chief gardener at a local park and formal garden to put our compost to good use. This was the first time the bin had been emptied since it had been installed five years ago.

2. Virtual Garden Tour. Volunteers from the GHC community showed their gardens, including flowers, vegetables, herbs or fruit.

3. Development of Committee Membership. The Green Team began the year with the new chairperson and a few Executive Committee members of the synagogue. Throughout the year, we grew committee membership from the Building committee, Men’s Club.

4. Development of alliances with other arms of the synagogue. The Green Team developed partnerships with the Management Committee, Religious School, Religious Affairs Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and Religious Affairs committee.

5. Westchester Jewish Greening Roundtable. The GHC Green Team sends 1-2 representatives to every monthly meeting that is made up of Jewish organizations in Westchester County, NY. The organization holds monthly environmental programs. GHC has volunteered to organize a program for the 2021-2022 year.

6. Identification of educational materials for the Religious School on environmental mitzvah, Tu B’Shevat Seders and environmental mitzvah projects.

7. We also have programs to report for January-May 2021.
Energy panel series (two programs)
Green Kabbalat Shabbat in conjunction with Lag B’omer and Earth Day
Environmental mitzvah project of RS class Kitah Zayin-building a new compost bin


We have grown the membership of the Green Team to include members of the Executive Committee, the Building Committee, the Sisterhood and the Men’s Club.

We worked to engage the religious and lay leaders, arms and branches of the synagogue and synagogue members on the committee and in the implementation of programs.

Challenges Overcome:

The biggest challenge is the level of participation when people have many professional and personal responsibilities. This often falls to a lower priority.

Impact Numbers:

The Green Team is comprised of eight members, including a core of eight people.

The virtual garden tour reached approximately 25 Zoom screens.

April 18, 2021

Project Complete!