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Congregation B’nai Moshe: Installing Motion Sensor Lights

Project Description

Installing motion sensor lights in our restrooms.


We have found what doesn’t work! See challenges below.

Challenges Overcome:

This has been more difficult than we had initially expected. The primary issue is that we need to find “Shabbat friendly” sensors that will allow us to over-ride the sensors and leave in the “on” position on Shabbat and holidays when it is not permitted to turn on lights, even if my motion. Coupled with a 270V electrical requirement than the standard 120v has made finding such a motion sensor quite difficult. What we have found were sensors that required the removal of the switch plate to over-ride the motion sensor. This would be quite a cumbersome project as we are changing 8 switches. We are working diligently with our electrician and think we may have just found a sensor that works.

April 14, 2021