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Congregation B’nai Moshe: Recycling razor blades

Project Description

Once our building re-opens we will have a depository where people can bring in their razor blades for recycling.


We had a very successful program on having zero food waste in our homes. We had a caterer show us how we could re-purpose leftovers that might otherwise be thrown away into delicious new meal options.

Challenges Overcome:

We had the challenge of how to do such a program during the pandemic. We decided to have the caterer zoom from a member’s kitchen showing real life examples from what was in their refrigerator and pantry. This event actually worked out better being done virtually as there would have been no way to duplicate this event in person. A perfect “made for zoom” event!

Impact Numbers:

This was the first zoom program of its kind and while we have not had success in having people join our green team we were thrilled that we had 40 people register for the event.

April 14, 2021

Project Complete!