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Woodstock Jewish Congregation: “9th Annual Film/Discussion Series,”Building Local Resiliance in Response to Global Challenges”

Project Description

This was the WJC’s third year co-presenting this 4-part winter/spring series with the Woodstock Land Conservancy (an extremely active environmental organization), and Woodstock Transition US (grass-roots community building). Each event lasts for 1.5 hours (and is recorded on the WLC website).
This year three of the four presentations focused on resiliency in regard to local agriculture, which is the major driver of our county’s economy. The fourth explored the county’s desperate need for affordable housing for our workforce and for our senior community. The four were:
1. “Regenerative Agriculture for Human & Planetary Health,” on the soil biome and what we can do to improve soil health, particularly in regard to not using the pesticide Roundup.
2. “Hudson Valley Farm Hub’s ‘Farmscape Ecology'” about a local, major research institute that is looking beyond regenerative agriculture, exploring new ways to use farmland so that it also protect the larger ecosystem.
3. “Creating Community Solutions to Our Housing Challenges.” Our County Deputy Commissioner and Woodstock Housing Committee were the main presenters, with the goal of engaging the whole community in understanding the problem and finding solutions.
4. “Future Fruits Project,” presenting the possibility of planting edible plants in our homes’ forest landscapes (we are in the Catskill Forest Preserve), and describing several edible plant projects that are being initiated in one of our low-income urban areas with teenagers.



Challenges Overcome:

It takes an immense amount of work in agreeing on our focus for the season, and even more in finding appropriate videos and speakers. Then there is the issue of working with the speakers on exactly what they will talk about, and in creating a well-structured program that will maintain the interest of the audience for the full 1.5 hours. And then doing the publicity to reach several disparate audiences.

Impact Numbers:

A mean of 135 households attended the live event. We don’t know how many watched afterwards. Two of the events had about 200 households watching.

May 28, 2021

Project Complete!