Hazon Seal Compostables Purchasing

Do you want to use compostable dinnerware instead of plastic or styrofoam? Are you concerned about the price difference? To help you make the switch, we’ve compiled a compostables list with the most inexpensive products we could find.

We have secured large discounts for Hazon Seal sites from two compostables suppliers — EcoProducts and WorldCentric. We offer this as a benefit for Seal sites, but Hazon receives no commission if you buy these. We haven’t tested any of these products and can’t guarantee their quality.

Note: Usually, the best options for dinnerware are reusables (i.e. metal / ceramic / glass). However, if you can’t yet switch to reusables, we encourage you to try compostable dinnerware as a first step — particularly if you already compost.

Compostables Discounts

EcoProducts – 25% off
Use the Seal link and special login code below to receive 25% your order from EcoProducts. This is a rate we specifically negotiated for sites in the Hazon Seal.
WorldCentric – 20% off
Non-profits can receive a 20% discount from WorldCentric:
  • Specify that your organization is non-profit in the “Special Instructions” box at checkout. Provide your IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN).
  • WorldCentric will very your status and manually reduce the cost by 20% before running your credit card.
Note: not all items qualify for the discount, such as retail items, sale items and 5 compartment trays.